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Hardwood Floor Installation Wallkill NY

A true Hardwood Floor Installation craftsman, Wayne Maher has consistently delivered excellent Hardwood Floor Installation results year after year. We have a long history of happy customers with beautiful hardwood floors Wallkill NY.  High attention to detail and great customer satisfaction combine to make Wayne Maher Flooring your choice for the sanding, refinishing, and installation of your hardwood floors Wallkill NY.  If your looking for Hardwood Floor Installation Wallkill NY then give us a call today.
Hardwood Floor Installation Wallkill NY is an excellent investment that requires thoughtful choices Restoration of old floors and installation of new floors Wallkill NY, maintenance and care of your floor is my business!

Nearly Dustless Sanding Wallkill NY! When working with floors and sand paper, dust free doesn't exist. No matter what there is dust. However, we utilize several dust containment techniques Wallkill NY to keep your home minimally affected. We use industrial vacuums and if needed, barrier systems for maximum containment.

We're the hardwood flooring experts and would love to make your housing improvement project in Wallkill a reality.


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