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Hardwood Floor Refinishing - FAQ's (Frequently Asked Questions)

1) Which kind of wood flooring is right for me, solid or engineered?

This depends on where you would like to put it. Both engineered and solid wood flooring are made with real wood, so the two are environmentally friendly. Solid Wood Floor. Wood flooring is precisely what the name implies: a solid piece of wood from top to bottom. The thickness of solid hardwood floors can differ, but normally ranges from 3/4, to 5/16. Wood can be utilized in any room that's above grade. Among the numerous advantages of wood flooring is that it may be sanded and refinished many times.

Wood floors are ideal in family/living rooms, dining rooms, bedrooms, and even dyes and powder rooms. About the only area you cannot use a solid wood flooring is in the basement, but there is a solution for that place too. Engineered Wood Flooring. Engineered wood flooring are real wood flooring that are manufactured using layers of ceramic veneers. The layers that you
cannot see can be of the very same species, or of distinct species. The grains of each layer pass in vertical direction, which makes it very dimension ally stable. This means that wood will expand and contract less than solid wood floors during fluctuations in humidity and temperature.

Engineered flooring can be nailed or glued to a wood sub floor or glued down to a wood or concrete sub floor. This makes engineered timber flooring ideal for slabs and basement installations, but they can be utilized in almost any room above, on or below grade. Although this kind of flooring can be sanded and refinished, it cannot be done as many times as strong wood flooring.

2) Which type of hardwood flooring species is right for me ?

Choosing the right species of wood flooring for you is strictly an issue of your personality, spending budget and personal taste. More than 50 national and imported species of timber flooring can be found to achieve a distinctive look.

Check the species gallery. Do you enjoy woods like ash or maple ? These species normally make a room look more open and airier. Do you enjoy moderate forests like hickory or oak ? These species normally make a room appear warmer and comfier. Do you like dark forests like mahogany or walnut ? These species normally make a room appear elegant and statelier. Imported species can provide more color options. As soon as you decide on a look, you must think about how your flooring will be utilized.

Are you a retired couple living alone, or even a busy household with young kids and pets ? Each timber species is assessed by its hardness and sturdiness using something. The Janka scale provides a good indication of probability degree a timber would be to dent or show other wear.

For instance, domestic black cherry is ranked in 950 on the Janka scale, while the Brazilian cherry is much higher at 2, 820, nearly 3 times.

3) How long does it take to refinish hardwood flooring from start to finish ?

This depends on what type of polyurethane you are using -petroleum based or water based. Oil
based tends to take longer – often 3-4 times plus drying time plus water based tends to dry faster, so it's often 2 days.

4) What if my hardwood flooring is currently covered with laminate, vinyl, tile or carpet ?

We'll remove and haul off flooring materials which are currently on top your hardwood as well as prep and/or fix the exposed hardwood flooring for restoration. Several our Westchester clients prefer to do that work themselves, others prefer that people do this work.

5) Is there a lot of dust when sanding the floors ?

Yes, the method is a bit messy, and we offer 2 solutions. First, with our typical process, the dust goes into a vacuum bag, and we vacuum between each coat as well as add plastic to all areas not being done. Second, we do provide a dust extraction system with a vacuum suction tube therefore the dust goes directly outside into the dust containment system. While no process is dustless, it does take care of 90-95 percent of the dust.

6) Could you change the color of
the hardwood ?

It's true, you can go from light to dark, or dark to light or anywhere in between.

7) What if we have a pet’s spots on the ground ?

We come across this often. If you have some areas that have pet stains or water damage, then the best thing to do is replace these hardwood planks and glow in. If you have bamboo floor, this is usually simple to do. From there, after you sand and refinish, the flooring should incorporate and look seamless. This does cost a bit extra for labor and materials, but it is normally the better way to go. As an alternative, you could select a darker spot to cover the darker parts of the hardwood.

8) Will I want to move my furniture ?

Several our customers prefer to move the furniture themselves, others prefer that people do the moving. It is all up to you. We are delighted to help either way.

9) When can we walk on the flooring ?

On average, you can walk on the flooring approximately 24 hours following the application of the final coat. We urge that for hours 24-48 that you wear socks only – no shoes, no bare feet.

10) How long will the hardwood refinishing wood last ?

The life-style of the house determines how long the finish will last. With regular maintenance cleaning, a floor finish may last several years., frequently 7-10 yrs. When the end becomes dull
there are various professional service maintenance methods, like a screen and re coat that are available to restore the luster without repainting.

11) What's a Screen and Re-coat ?

A screen and recoat is synonym for floor buffing. It is a noninvasive procedure in which you buff/abrade the hardwood floors that you may add an extra coating of polyurethane. It lets you add sheen to flooring and an additional layer of protection. It works out if the floors are in good condition in the color standpoint. It won't solve scratches throughout the color, but when your floors are in good shape, it is going to protect the color longer. It is an inexpensive cosmetic maintenance method which is not cluttered. You have the option of creating the floors shinier or less – you can select from semi-gloss, satin, matte or glossy.

12) How can I tell if my floors require a screen and re-coat as opposed to a complete refinishing ?

A screen and re-coat are a decorative procedure that adds a very clear coating of poly. Not all flooring requirements are candidates for this procedure. Flooring should be in a condition with the present color in form. It will take care of scratches and dullness, it won't fix deep flashes nor scratches from the color.

13) What advice do you've to prolong the finish on hardwood floors?

The best bit of advice I can provide you would be to take off your shoes while indoors. It's amazing what a big effect this could have. It's very essential to use felt pads underneath entrance and furniture mats in the doorways.

14) Can plastic suggestions on my chairs prevent scuff marks on my floors ?

Industry experts say that felt hints on chairs are better choice than plastic tips, which may mark floors. We recommend that you steer clear of rolling chairs because these tend to make a great deal of damage to hardwood floors.

15) How long after service could I walk on the floors ?

Normally, you may walk on the floors approximately 24 hours after the job is complete.

16) What advice do you've to prolong the finish on hardwood floors?

The best bit of advice I can provide you would be to take off your shoes while indoors. It's amazing what a big effect this could have. It’s very essential use felt pads under furniture and entrance mats in the doorways.