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Residential Flooring Repair Newburgh NY

For over 25 years, Wayne Mayer Hardwood Flooring has provided top-notch hardwood flooring repairs in Newburgh, Beaverdam, and the surrounding areas.

Whether your home's hardwood flooring has experienced structural damage, surface damage, or anything in between, we can return your floor to a pristine, like-new condition.

We provide top-notch repairs for a variety of hardwood flooring problems:

1) Repairing Hardwood Surface Scratches

2) Eliminating Squeaky Hardwood Boards

3) Securing Loose Wood Planks

4) Sealing Cracks or Wood Splits

5) Removing Persistent Wood Stains

6) Replacing Missing Boards

7) Repairing Gaps Between Wood Planks

8) Filling Dimples and Dents

9) Restoring Water Damage on Hardwood

10) Refinishing Discoloration & Fading on Hardwood

There are several approaches to repairing your hardwood floor.

Whether you need Hardwood replacement boards, spot sanding to remove stains, or complete hardwood floor refinishing, we have the experience needed to get the top-notch results you need. We’ll assess the condition of your floor and provide you with an expert and honest estimate that takes into account the condition of your home’s floors, your budget, and your goals.

A Reputation for Top-Notch Professionalism

We provide our service with as minimal disruption to you and your family as possible, and our work comes with a complete satisfaction guarantee.

Tips for Maintaining Your Hardwood Floors

Avoiding Hardwood Water Damages – Wipe up liquids and spills immediately to avoid damaging to the finish or wood. Also, consider using a dust mop as opposed to a wet mop.

Avoiding Scratches and Dents on Hardwood – Placing felt pads on the bottom of furniture legs and avoiding walking on the floors with sports cleats are the easiest ways to avoid scratches and dents. Also, area rugs near entrances can help trap small rocks and other debris that is prone to causing damage.

Know Your Hardwood Finishes – Different types of finishes require different types of care. Knowing which finish is on your floor and learning the best methods for cleaning and caring your floors can prolong its lifespan.

At Wayne Mayer Hardwood Flooring, we take pride in our ability to provide professional and affordable Hardwood flooring repairs for all types of residential hardwood flooring! Contact us today to discuss your repair options with a hardwood flooring expert or to schedule a free in-home estimate for your flooring installation, repair, or restoration.