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Frequently Asked Questions about Hardwood Flooring

At Wayne Maher Hardwood Flooring, we’ve seen and done it all. Look no further if you’re looking for a trusted partner to help you renovate your home with new flooring!

Consider the space that is getting the new hardwood floors first — are you upgrading the floors in multiple rooms or just one? The location makes it easier to decide the style best suited for the space. For example, the kitchen flooring needs to be scratch and stain resistant, but the living room could demand flooring with insulation properties.

Budgeting is essential — quality flooring specialists help you make informed decisions you won’t regret down the lane. We give you a range of solutions that stick to the budget so you don’t end up breaking the bank with hidden costs popping up at the end. For those who prefer an expensive look on a smaller budget, we might offer them laminate wood flooring as it imitates the appearance of original hardwood without the hefty price tag. We also have finer options for those looking to add glamour and equity to their home. Whatever you need, we can match you and your home to a hardwood flooring solution within your price range!

Flooring can be based on ease of maintenance, cleaning, installation, comfort, affordability, or longevity. If you have a pet at home that’s likely to damage the flooring with claws and toys, quality flooring specialists can recommend flooring that is stain, scratch, water, and chip resistant so your four-legged furry friend can enjoy it!

The time needed from start to finish depends on the type of polyurethane in use — petroleum-based polyurethane tends to take 3 to 4 days with the additional time required for drying. In contrast, water-based polyurethane takes two days but dries faster. You should generally be able to access the floor within 24 hours of completing the job. The refinish should last you between 7 to 10 years. Polyurethane is an excellent choice for your floors. It’s durable, easy to clean, and it looks great. You can even get different finishes to give your home a unique look.

If you want to prolong your finish on the hardwood floors, it’s best to take off your shoes and place felt pads under the mats and furniture to lessen the friction on the surface.

This cosmetic procedure includes a clear coating of polyurethane to the floors — also known as floor buffing. This non-invasive procedure corrects minor scratches and dullness through buffing. This treatment should only be performed on a floor with the present color in form. Overall, this is an excellent, inexpensive cosmetic method that can be used to create a glossy, satin, matte, or semi-gloss surface.

Don’t stress if your hardwood flooring is covered with vinyl, carpet, tile, or laminate. Our quality flooring specialists will help remove the flooring material on top of the hardwood floor and later move on to fixing and prepping the newly exposed hardwood flooring for restoration.

Installing flooring can be tricky! If it’s not done correctly, there can be problems. Here’s what might go wrong and how to fix it.

There might be bumps in the floor. This could happen if the floor wasn’t prepped correctly. To fix it, you can sand down the bumps. The floor might not be level. You can check this by using a level tool. If it’s not level, you can add a layer of self-leveling compound to the floor. The floor might not fit together correctly. If the pieces don’t fit together, you can use a saw to cut them down to size. The floor could be too slippery.

To fix this, you can add an anti-skid coating to the floor. Installing flooring can be tricky, but these are some common problems that can happen. If you find a problem, you can fix it with the right tools and materials.

Can you get a tax break for new flooring? That’s a good question! It depends on what kind of flooring you get. Some flooring can be tax deductible, while other kinds are not. Talk to a tax advisor to find out what you can deduct.

Putting in new flooring can have a big effect on the resale value of a home. New flooring can make a home look more attractive and desirable to potential buyers. It also gives the impression that the home has been well taken care of. Installing new flooring can help the home sell for more money when it is time to put it on the market.

Do you want to know what the best flooring is for a lake house? There are several options you could choose. Hardwood is a popular choice because it looks great and is easy to clean. Laminate is another good option because it’s a bit cheaper and still looks nice. Carpet is also an option but it can be harder to keep clean. Tile is also a good option for lake houses because it’s easy to clean and can handle moisture. So, you have lots of choices for your lake house flooring!

Here are some ideas on how to keep your floors safe from your pup’s food and water bowls:
1. Put down a mat. Place a mat under the bowls to catch spills and keep the floor dry.
2. Clean up spills right away. If your pup spills food or water, make sure to clean it up right away so it doesn’t cause damage to the floor.
3. Choose the right bowls. Look for bowls that are heavy and won’t tip over easily. To keep floors safe from your pup’s food and water bowls, put a mat down, clean up spills right away, and get the right kind of bowls. A mat will help catch spills and keep your floor dry. Plus, it’s important to clean up any spills quickly so they don’t cause damage. Lastly, pick bowls that won’t tip over.

Homeowners can make mistakes when installing flooring. Here are some of the most common: Not measuring correctly:

People need to measure the room accurately before buying new flooring. That way, they don’t buy too much or too little. Not preparing the subfloor: The subfloor should be cleaned and leveled before installing the new floor. Not allowing for expansion:

Different flooring materials may expand when it gets hot or cold. People should leave space between the walls and the flooring to allow for this. Not allowing enough time: Floor installation usually takes longer than people expect. It’s best to plan for more time than you think it will take. Not using the right tools:

People need the right tools to install flooring. This includes a saw, level, and measuring tape. Homeowners can make mistakes when putting in flooring. It’s important to measure carefully, prepare the subfloor, leave space for expansion, give yourself enough time, and use the right tools.

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