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Apart from the new look and feel, a new floor can even contribute to increased efficiency, i.e., lowered energy consumption bills. Depending on the flooring material used, it can preserve the temperature inside of our home to make you feel cozy and comfortable during the winters. This is the same as migrating from a carpeted floor to a hardwood floor for increased cleanliness with lesser allergens. Not to forget, the increase in value of your home after availing hardwood flooring services almost always generates a greater return on investment.

Flooring will never be the same for those in Hudson Valley with floor restoration services from Wayne Maher Hardwood Flooring as we make functional updates to your floor to alleviate the nuisances you might have been dealing with previously.

In-house services from this hardwood flooring company in Hudson Valley include:
Floor Restorations from a Hardwood Flooring Specialist in Hudson Valley

Hardwood flooring specialists in Hudson Valley offer floor restoration services to refresh the appearance of tired hardwood flooring. It begins with cleaning the floor, topping off with a finish, buffing, polishing and, lastly, the sanding and refinishing coat.

Residential Flooring Repair from an Expert Residential Flooring Contractor in Hudson Valley

Does your floor not cooperate when you’re trying to sneak into the kitchen for a midnight snack? It’s highly likely that the material underneath is warped, which results in a loud squeaky sound. Other signs you need residential flooring repairs include the floor feeling sunken or uneven, floors bouncing or shifting while walking, the room smelling musty, or the hardwood is cupping. A residential flooring contractor closely studies the condition of your hardwood floor to suggest the best possible solution for home improvement.

A damaged hardwood floor not only looks awful, but it also turns into a safety hazard possessing a risk to those who live within the house. For example, a splintering floor is known to cause serious foot injuries.

Sanding and Finishing of Hardwood Flooring

Sanding and refinishing hardwood floors is an integral part of floor restoration; it’s less expensive than reinstalling new floors from scratch but just as effective at getting the floor to look as good as new. Our hardwood flooring contractors use the right skills, techniques, and equipment to execute any job related to hardwood flooring.

Give your home the ultimate makeover with our hardwood flooring services in Hudson Valley

We offer clients in Hudson Valley extensive hardwood flooring services that help transform and upgrade your home like never before. With long-term experience in the industry, we’ve perfected our methods, which has enabled us to provide you with high-quality floor restorations for residential and commercial clients.
You can depend on our services to help you upgrade your home without breaking the bank, allowing us to provide you with some of the most sought-after residential flooring repair services across Hudson Valley. Get in touch with us to know more.

We offer hardwood floor restorations to give your floors new life–contact us today

Does your home already have gorgeous hardwood floors that need a little TLC? We can help! Our company has mastered the art of hardwood floor restorations, allowing you to transform your home for a more flawless finish and look. Using high-quality polishes and techniques that we’ve developed over the years, we’re able to give your old floors the face-lift they need.

Get in touch with us to know more about our hardwood floor restorations in Hudson Valley as we continue to make your house feel like a home.

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We can even help you convert more space into living space by offering discounts on larger jobs!

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We take pride in our country, and offer a 5% discount on the total bill for hardwood flooring for all veterans and their families.

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For hardwood floor installations, remodels, repairs, and refinishes, we follow a simple three-step process.


Call us for an estimate to discuss your options and find a beautiful hardwood floor that fits your budget.


Our team will use the best hardwood floor material, finish, and stain to complete your flooring project.


We leave your home with a clean beautiful hardwood floor. Check out some of our past projects to see for yourself.

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