You have installed hardwood floors in your home – great! Next up is keeping the floors in optimal condition—and the key to doing that is avoiding some common mistakes. The timeless elegance and class that hardwood floors bring to your home is unmatched. They have a special feel that makes them more desirable and appealing than their counterparts.

Whether you are installing hardwood floors in your new or existing space, ensuring you avoid common mistakes can help you retain the value of your investment over time. It’s a waste to spend thousands of dollars and ruin the entire project by making silly and avoidable mistakes. Most homeowners fall in love with the traditional beauty and durability of hardwood floors.

As with any home renovation or remodeling project, it is crucial to take preventive measures and stay alert during installation, maintenance, and, most importantly, choosing the right type of hardwood floor for your home. With the right guidance and some basic information, you will be able to avoid these mistakes in no time, ensuring the durability of your hardwood floors.

Choosing the Wrong Type of Wood

Consider how each wood option will work with the rest of your home while choosing the right wood flooring. Keep in mind the style, architectural design, and functionality. For instance, if you are installing hardwood floors in a room or area that experiences light foot traffic throughout the day, a lighter wood option would suffice.

On the contrary, if you are installing a hardwood floor in an area that experiences heavy foot traffic, opt for hard floor options such as hickory or maple. Similarly, if the room gets a lot of natural light from outside, then choose a wood that is dark-colored as it will hold up better against UV damage.

Comprising on Quality

All your money and efforts will go to waste if the installation process goes wrong. Many people settle for less when it comes to hiring quality installation companies just to save a couple of dollars. But what they don’t understand is that saving these dollars is equal to wasting the money you spend on buying the wood planks in the first place.

Installation mistakes can ruin the overall outlook of your flooring and will result in frequent damage and repair. So, save yourself the regret by hiring reliable and experienced hardwood contractors.

Comprising on Quality

Maintenance Issues

Regular maintenance is key to keeping the shiny appeal of hardwood floors. Many people make the mistake of using harsh chemicals to clean the floors. This makes them look their shine and become dull. The color also starts to fade away.

Use a mild mistier of soap and water or a specific hardwood cleaner to clean the floors.

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