Flooring has come a long way since our parent’s times, with tons of new varieties in colors, styles, and sizes. There is something available for every architectural style and interior design. Depending on the space and your taste, you can create any look you want, from modern and contemporary to vintage and classic.

Hardwood floors are one of the most versatile flooring options in the market today. It’s extremely durable and can be used for years on end. Although it is a significant investment, once you consider its services life and maintenance, you will see that you have stricken a profitable deal.

Whether you opt for a light wood floor or a dark wood floor, they both have their charms and attractive features. Opting for wood floors in vibrant colors is a raging trend nowadays as it adds an interesting element to the room’s style and character. Plus, it has made it easier to personalize and customize the space to your liking.

Let us take a look at the most popular wood floor colors that are perfect for your next project.

Light and Natural Wood Floors

The floor coloring can drastically impact the appearance of a room. Light wood floors can make the room look bigger and feel lighter, giving off a more natural-looking and minimalistic vibe. It can make a room look modern and feel fresh.

To create a contemporary design and outlook, you can complement the flooring with darker furniture and more subtle wall colors.

Gray Wood Flooring

Gray has been a classic floor color for several years, and its popularity doesn’t seem to be dying down anytime soon. Its many variations have been the highlight of wood floor designs as the washed and solid color blends seamlessly with any architectural style and interior design.

The rustic wood flooring style has a refined gray undertone, allowing the natural hues to shine through. Plus, you can opt for warm tones and cool tone colors with gray wood flooring in the room.

Gray Wood Flooring

Red Tones

If you are looking for richer and warmer floor colors, red, orange, and cherry wood floors are your best bet. They have a lot of variation to them, making them the center of attention anytime someone walks into the room.

The colors can give big rooms a cozier and warm feeling, enhancing the allure and beauty of the room. Keep the furniture and the rest of the decoration minimal for a more put-together and complimenting outlook.

Moreover, red-toned wood floors work well in a room with lots of natural light coming in, and the smooth tones and sunlit accents complement the design flawlessly.

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