When redesigning your living area with new hardwood flooring, you should consider how the planks’ undertones will affect the space’s appearance and feel. To create a striking contrast or a cohesive design, paint your walls with a color that matches your floors. This will help you choose the right paint colors for wood floors to create striking results in every room of your house.

Matching wall color with wood floor

When choosing paint colors for wood floors, consider the wood stain’s undertones. Keep these tips in mind.

  • Use neutral colors. Neutral walls can match your flooring, furniture, and decor. Any color you use in your current design will work well with white, off-white, cream, and gray. To create a backdrop for bright curtains or furniture with a unique personality, you can use neutral colors on your walls.
  • Use contrast. Contrast your wall colors with the hardwood flooring to create a bold and dramatic design. Once you have identified the wood panel’s undertones, you can choose a wall color on the opposite side. It is possible to mix warm and cool tones.
  • Match your walls with the hardwood flooring panels’ undertones. If you prefer a more subtle design, you can match your walls with the hardwood flooring panels’ undertones. Choose colors from the same color palette as your hardwood flooring for a warm and cohesive look.
  • Consider your decor and furniture colors: To bring your room’s design together, consider the color of your decor and furniture. You can choose complementary or contrasting colors depending on your desired effect.
  • Create an accent wall: It is possible to paint it in a favorite color instead of using it throughout the room. You can be creative without committing to a room in your accent color.

Best Paint Colors For Light Wood Floors

The room will look brighter and more inviting with light hardwood flooring and hidden dirt. The room appears more significant thanks to the soft hardwood flooring. You want neutral or light tones for your walls to complement your flooring. You might paint your walls and trim the same color for a cohesive, modern look. These colors look best on light hardwood floors.

  • White or off-white: White walls are clean and neat and can easily match furniture and decor. An off-white tone could be used if you don’t love the bright white color. Off-white shades have yellow undertones that give the room warmth and color.
  • Gray: neutral gray is available in various shades to match your room’s style. This color can be used with most decorative furniture pieces, as it combines white and black. Consider which undertones you prefer in gray shades, depending on the look you are going for.
  • Beige: Light brown walls create a welcoming atmosphere and highlight the floor and furniture colors. This color is excellent with warm-colored flooring.
  • Taupe, A combination of dark gray and brown, is a good choice for your room’s foundation. A lighter taupe can be used with different lighting levels to make the space appear larger.
  • Greige is a mix of gray and beige, with a strong emphasis on gray, and this color is often a subtler tone than taupe. If you want a calm, bright atmosphere, this color can be the foundation of your room’s design.

For dark wood floors, there are some great wall colors.

Because it creates a nice contrast, dark hardwood flooring is excellent for light walls. Consider the light source in your room before you decide on a paint color. The space will need to have enough natural and artificial light, so it doesn’t get too dark.

These are some of the most popular paint colors for dark wood floors:

  • Off-white, cream, or white: Your dark wood flooring has an already striking appearance, so you may choose to keep your walls neutral. Your room will look sophisticated with white, cream, or off-white walls.
  • Gray: Although gray is a neutral shade, many undertones can be used to match your hardwood flooring. It is an excellent choice for dark wood floors with black undertones.
  • Greige This universally attractive color can match different colors in your decorative elements or wood undertones.
  • Bright colors can be bold, and enjoy a bright shade. To create a cohesive look, match the dark wood floors’ undertones. Light blue and subtle green is the best wall colors for dark wood.

The Best Wall Colors For Gray Wood Floors

Gray hardwood flooring is becoming more popular in recent years. These colors are great for gray wood floors.

  • Blue: blue walls create a calm and peaceful atmosphere in any space. Use cool tones such as navy and ice blue to create a cohesive design. While blue can be used with gray undertones, it is also possible to use predominantly blue in a room to keep the atmosphere relaxed.
  • White: A room can be redesigned by using pure white walls. Consider using off-white shades if you are looking for neutral colors. However, your gray flooring could be clashing with the yellow undertones. It would help if you instead considered off-white or pure-white shades with cool undertones.
  • Dusty Green: Use sage and pale greens with gray undertones for a tranquil atmosphere in your design.

Cherry Wood Floors: Good Wall Colors

Cherry hardwood is an attractive choice. To complement the cherry hardwood’s undertones, you will need a bold wall color to create a stunning room. These wall colors are perfect for cherry hardwood floors.

  • White or off-white. White is a crisp, clean color that makes a striking contrast to the dark floor. An off-white or cream tone can be chosen if you don’t want bright white walls.
  • Green: Green walls make a striking contrast to your cherry wood floors. You can choose from various colors to create a unique look in your space. Avoid mixing greens with yellow undertones, as they could clash with red flooring. You might prefer a darker shade of green.
  • Blue: blue walls create a feeling of calm and serenity. There are many shades of blue to complement cherry hardwood flooring.
  • Terracotta or red: To create a warm and inviting space, use red or terracotta walls. Consider accenting dark red to keep the room from becoming overwhelming. Terracotta is another option that can be used as a soft complement to hardwood flooring.

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